Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Direction

When I was 4, I began to draw and paint.  I viewed these artistic endeavors as my passions, but not a path to a "make-a-living" profession.  In college I majored in photography and architectural drawing, hoping for a career of sorts in architectural imaging.  However, after working days as a draftsman for a number of years with side jobs in photography, I found that painting at night was a difficult row to hoe.  So I left drafting to pursue painting, drawing and kept my free-lance architectural and art photography as a profession.  This juxtaposing of the arts suited me.  The arts were equal, but separate: photography or painting.  In the last decade I have devoted myself almost exclusively to architectural / art photography.  But my fingers were always itching for a pencil, a brush, the "hands on" feeling of touching the paper.  Digital technology, while great in some aspects, precludes working with my hands unless it is to add more paper to my printer or manipulate my stylist on my tablet.

My next exhibit will be about incorporating my drawing with my photography.  Influenced by the early art photographers, such as Man Ray, I have combined pencil, charcoal, pastel and gold leaf into my photographs of Park Slope / Prospect Park which I have printed on fine art paper.  It is a marvelous experience to touch the paper with drawing media.  I have gone very slowly this time, but it feels like a good beginning!

Grand Army Arch: Brooklyn, NY.  
  Photography with charcoal, chalk, pencil and gold leaf accents.

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