Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Art is self-expression.  Art communicates the artist's point of view.  What is so marvelous about art is that the artist can change and grow.  Or stay the same.  Art allows for and embraces change.  One aspect of digital photography that is so valuable is the ease with which an artist/photographer can change images.  Or keep them as is.  It all depends on perspective.
The first photograph is unaltered.  It communicates several architectural details that I love: ironwork, stairs, light-filled window.  There are strong diagonals and other features that may create interest in the piece.  One in particular is the way the foreground is in focus, while the background is somewhat blurred.  The shot is as is: Vienna 2009.
The second shot has been converted to black and white; sharpened; brightened; denoised; values heightened, among other alterations.
Interestingly enough, I kind of like both images.  Each for different reasons.  These photographs are sign posts for me.  I learn from my experiments so that I can incorporate new skills into my commissioned or exhibition photography.  The possibilities are limitless! www.ellenfisch.com

Vienna I: 2009

Vienna II: 2009

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