Friday, January 4, 2013

Beauty Two Ways

Today's technology is marvelous!  I DO miss the acrid smells of my darkroom, which I occasionally visit, although I don't use film any more.  Technology does have drawbacks, for example SHARPENING!  However, I love the ease with which I can look at an image so many different ways with the click of a Photoshop filter or a plugin.  When I saw this magnificent architectural detail, I was driving on the Upper West side of Manhattan.  I quickly pulled into a parking spot (serendipitous!) and took some photos of the entire building: zeroing in on several wonderful details.  I kept thinking about the image throughout the day.  Later, when I downloaded the photos into my computer, I played around with several images of the building until I got the composition I wanted.  Selecting my favorites, I still couldn't decide whether the final photographs should be B&W or sepia.  With technology, I don't have to make a choice.  I have one master Photoshop image with both options.  A beautiful architectural detail two ways.  The possibilities are limitless, only bound by my imagination!

Black & White Architectural Detail

Sepia Architectural Detail

Art genre: B&W and/ or Sepia architectural detail/art photograph with color

Photography tip: In post production, try B&W and Sepia to see which one you like.  Architectural details lend themselves very well to both monochromatic themes.

Location: Upper West side, NYC

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