Monday, January 21, 2013

Miami, Brooklyn

The diversity of architecture you can see on a trip through Brooklyn, NY is truly amazing.  Any style from 17th Century Dutch Farmhouse to Uber Modern to Art Deco to Federalist all exist in harmony.  However on a recent trip to Brooklyn, I was surprised and delighted to see this "Miami-like" apartment building among the red/brown/yellow brick apartment houses that line Ocean Avenue, a main thoroughfare.  The sea-sun colored ceramic tiles seem very refreshing amid their more somber brickwork neighbors.  Although the facade needs repair, this charming entrance-way would give me a visual treat every time I saw it if I lived here.  I have traveled trough Brooklyn many times, yet there is always something new to see.    

Art genre: B&W architectural detail/art photograph with color

Photography tip: In post production mask the B&W image and slowly bring in color until the image suits you.

Location: Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn, NY

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