Friday, March 15, 2013

Ansel Adams on My Mind

Who in photography, design, architecture, and life cannot learn from Ansel Adams.  Adams not only followed his personal dreams but revolutionized the way landscape is photographed and how people think of conservation of nature.  Pretty big accomplishments.  Ansel Adams primarily focused on the Western landscape, especially Yosemite Park, although his photos of people, architecture and just about everything else are spectacular.  I've learned a lot from Ansel Adams and he remains a great source of inspiration whether I am photographing landscape, architecture or flowers.  Adams' compositions, juxtaposition of values and form is to be admired and a source of ongoing knowledge.

Wilderness by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams

Queenstown, NZ by Ellen Fisch


  1. the most amazing thing to learn from Ansel Adams is that he always enjoyed himself whatever he was doing!

  2. So true! You also show, in all your work, a great love of art/life, Walter!! Your paintings are filled with energy and creativity!

  3. I know a fella who worships him!

    Love your photo of Queenstown. Our sons finally left Byron Bay, AU for Sydney & St. Patty's. Haven't heard since but they said they want to see the "Blue Mtns" and eventually get to Perth. I follow a blogger in Perth & her photos capture its beauty.

  4. I think all photographers revere/worship Ansel Adams. How could you not! Queenstown is remarkable for its beauty. I was truly amazed that I could feel so in awe of nature as I did there. Good on your sons! as they say in Australia....when are you going!!!