Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Art Community

Today I received a delightful email from the marvelous Peruvian painter, Gloria Canales.  I met Gloria in person last Friday at my second opening at Jadite Galleries in NYC.  Gloria was opening a month long exhibit of her strikingly beautiful oil paintings.  The Peruvian artist paints wonderful surrealism from her dreams, she told me.  Gloria claimed not to speak English, but we were friends quickly: communicating through our shared language of art. We spoke for hours: not in English or Spanish, but finding just the right form of communication that bridged the language barrier with our mutual passion for art.  I was invited to stay with Gloria in her apartment in Lima and then we would tour Machu Picchu!  Gloria's son Carlos was also at the opening, sharing in his Mother's artistic joy and success.  Lovely people!  New friends speaking a common language!  

Gloria Canales with her painting: Jadite Galleries, NYC

Gloria Canales and I with her painting: Jadite Galleries, NYC

Carlos and I with my photograph: Jadite Galleries, NYC

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