Thursday, March 28, 2013


Where does the inspiration to create come from?  Some think that it arrives as a jolt from the blue.  Others believe that some memory will trigger a thread that connects thoughts to an inspiring conclusion.  Yesterday, as I walked through NYC's midtown Manhattan streets, I was inspired by the city's celebration of a springlike day.  The weather, after a long winter, was fine: a bit overcast at times, but warmer and less damp.  People were walking about with no coats.  Gloves, hats and scarves were no where in sight.  Flowers were blooming and the streets were filled with people who were taking time to chat, look in shop windows or buy a snack from a food cart.  The atmosphere was so much more relaxed than the frantic get-in-doors mood of the previous snowy, rainy, cold weeks.  Inspired by the general uplifted mood of the city, I began to photograph the random street sights with no particular focus in mind.  Most often I am concentrating on a particular building, structure or place and seeking inspiration from those sources.  Yesterday, I was inspired by the day!

On Exiting Penn Station: the Empire State Building

One of the Numerous NYC Kiosks

Flowers at Bryant Park

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