Monday, March 11, 2013

Deborah Bigeleisen at The Englishman

The Englishman Fine Art Presents:

Deborah Bigeleisen

Flowers and Fractals

Opening Reception March 14th 6:30 to 9pm.  The exhibition will continue through March 21st.
The Englishman Fine Art, 1190 3rd St. South, Naples, FL 34102
Deborah Bigeleisen's evocative paintings of natural forms encompass endlessly engaging energy, movement and mystery. Using a single image of a flower as her inspiration, she captures the fleeting effect of natural phenomena and immortalizes the transitory nature of life. Peeling away the layers and magnifying the image to its core, she exposes the depth of her subject's anatomy, its dynamism, its turbulence, and its unpredictability. With her unique vision rooted in Fractals, and a glazing technique inherent in the 17th Century Dutch masters, Deborah's work is both a fresh perspective of and a deep insight into the familiar.

Deborah Bigeleisen
561.689.7748     mobile: 561.351.8755


Energy 5, 36X56,  by Deborah Bigeleisen
Dynamism 5, 40X30, by Deborah Bigeleisen
Tipping Point,  24X30, by Deborah Bigeleisen


  1. Ellen, these are beautiful. We have a friend who paints flowers in similar fashion. Hope Scott sees this.

  2. I think Deborah's work is MARVELOUS! She is also a WONDERFUL person! I talked about her with Scott a while ago. Thanks, Debbie!