Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nature's Architecture

Architecture may be defines as "the act of building."  Nature architects our landscape continuously.  Humans have learned a great deal from nature about architecture and we will persevere in acquiring knowledge of essential building techniques from nature.  And, of course, natural beauty knows no bounds.  We are inspired endlessly by the natural world.  Here is an example of nature's architectural skills shot in West Florida: a natural landscape that provides convenience (rock ledge "steps"), HVAC, view, protection (there is a rock wall to the extreme left (not shown) and great natural beauty.

Florida Fishing: Sarasota, FL

Art genre: Sepia art photograph

Photography tip:  Create interest with big sky shots and gradient tonalities.

Location: Sarasota, FL


  1. As usual your image is on of quiet beauty. It is a departure from most of the work I've seen of yours. I like the way you composed the photo with the fishermen; they add scale and interest to the seascape. I also like the diagonal lines formed by the horizon and the shoreline as they carry my eye out to sea.

  2. I think that nature is the greatest architect and that humans can learn a lot from nature. I usually don't do landscape/seascape shots because I feel the subjects are too vast for me. I loved the mood in this shot and tried to capture it. Thank you so much for seeing in it what I saw!