Friday, March 29, 2013

Music Fills the Air

On a recent trip to Manhattan from my Long Island home, I was worried about the snow showers affecting my photo shoot of the exterior of a NYC landmark building.  The train was noisy and a chill damp pervaded the humor of the commuters.  Disembarking at Penn Station, I and my camera bag were pushed and jostled up the stairs to the main corridor where I would exit to the further chaos of the city streets.  All of a sudden I heard the magnificent sounds of a string quartet playing Por Una Cabeza.  Immediately my mood lifted as the unbelievably beautiful and poignant music filled the drab space.  The Hopkins Entertainment Group, four wonderfully talented musicians, played enchanting strings to the delight of weary commuters.  As the music transported me to an aesthetic place, I could only dream of listening to these marvelous musicians play for hours!  The few minutes I took to stand in Penn Station and listen to such beauty stays with me still.  

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  2. that is absolutely such a wonderful experience - out of no where - in an out of the norm unexpected place drowning out the rumble of the trains and clatter of people's feet and roller wheels on the marble floor - hustling and bustling to their hurried destinations - an oasis of music :-)

    here is one from about 40 years ago - right on Fifth Avenue:

  3. NYC, Walter! I know you find the magic, too :-)

  4. Isn't life grand? Your description of the morning commute and the unexpected treat that was waiting for you is wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  5. Grand it is! Even though I said "NYC," the element of wonderfulsurprise is anywhere if you are open to it. Wishing you some good serendipity, Nick! Thanks!