Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Old Friend

Recently I attended an art exhibition.  It was a wonderful time: artists happy to show their new work; wine and cheese; a stunningly modernized  gallery in a great old building in Dumbo: does it get any better!  I love that type of event.  After viewing the art, which was an eclectic exhibit of printmaking, watercolors, oils and drawings, I began, as always,  to look at the space.  Off to the side, away from the art and art lovers, I spotted a grate.  Now metal grates are at the top of my list for beautiful objects.  One of my fondest memories I have of childhood is looking through the air-shaft grate into our backyard.  I thought that this grate was the portal to a secret garden that held marvels to be discovered every day.  Actually, it did.  I saw the seasons change and the natural forms in the yard evolve throughout  my early life.  So while people at the art show looked at the fine art, I photographed the old grate in the corner.  Few people noticed what I was up to, but that was fine: a secret between me and an old friend.

Art genre: Sepia architectural detail art photograph

Complimentary decor: Eclectic

Photography tip: Textures are important.  Look for contrasting textures to increase interest when photographing architectural details.

Location: Dumbo: NYC


  1. What or where is "Dumbo"? All I can think of is the elephant movie which always makes me sob like a grief stricken mother.

  2. Photographing the "unseen" - something I very much like to do as well. I am now on the hunt for old grates ... ;-)

  3. Dumbo aka Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, became a "hot" area for artists when Chelsea, Manhattan became prohibitive cost-wise. It is an area of Brooklyn that has galleries, fun eateries, shops & is now an "artsy" part of NYC. The movie "Dumbo" has the second saddest movie scene EVER: when the Mother Elephant is taken away in the prison train car and she sings "Baby Mine." A tear jerker for sure!! I, too, sob!!
    Matthew, you will surely find them in Ulm: all manner of gorgeous metal & stonework; wood carvings; brickwork; etc. You have SO MUCH in Europe, particularly where you are in Germany, that is being preserved!!