Monday, October 15, 2012

Architectural Jewelry

I love metal architectural details.  Railings, door knobs, grates, plaques, the addition of metal accents to a structure reminds me of putting on jewelry after you get dressed.  Men and women (children, too...notice some of the royal infantes and crown princes/ princesses painted throughout the Renaissance!) have always adorned themselves with gold, silver, and other metals as ornaments to enhance their appearance.  Architectural jewelry is a marvelous addition to a space.  The bold glitter or subtle glow of a well placed metal detail adds decorative and/ or functional jewelry to the most modest or lavish building.

The NYC's main branch of the Post Office on 34th Street and 8th Avenue has some beautiful examples of architectural jewelry that, at one time, was a common inclusion in buildings.  The marble and metal of a bygone age have frequently yielded to plastic and other artificial materials.  I love to visit this P.O. to see the elegance that represents care and attention to detail.

P.O. Window

Art genre:  Architectural detail photograph

Complimentary decor: Eclectic

Photography tip: Accent metal by crunching darks, lights and mid-tones.
Location: 34th Street and 8th Avenue NYC, Main Branch P.O.


  1. I noticed the same exquisite detail in and on the Empire State Bldg which I toured for the first time last Fall. I tried to capture some of it with a point and shoot but it didn't do it justice AT ALL.

  2. For a building so high up, you need a zoom or long focus lens. If you were in the building or on the observation deck, it's really trial & error. Inside there is a lighting issue (not enough/ too much noise); outside the details are fairly big to capture in a small frame. When are you coming back?!