Thursday, October 11, 2012


NYC is a wonderful place.  I am always fascinated by sights that I encounter in my hometown.  The City abounds with all manner of architecture and architectural detail.  From  Native American artifacts and burial places (dated well before the Europeans arrived) found in Northern Manhattan to 1600 Dutch homesteads in Brooklyn to steel and glass skyscrapers, NYC runs the gamut of human creativity in the area of craftsmanship.  As I walk from place to place on the streets of the five boroughs, there are architectural old friends, such as Art Deco apartment buildings of the 1930's which always capture my sense of design and new wonders to see, such as this elaborately decorated doorway of a tenement on the upper East Side.  Imagine today's low income housing looking like this!  However, when this was build in the late 19th/ early part of the 20th century every structure had ornamentation, all houses were to welcome inhabitants.  Craftsmanship was utilized in so many areas of life. 

Doorway of a Tenement: Upper East Side NYC

Art genre:  Sepia architectural art photograph

Complimentary decor: Art Nouveau, Baroque, British Colonial, other elaborate styles

Photography tip:Find light in the darks.  In the dark areas of the doorway are lights.
Location: Lexington Avenue: Upper East Side, NYC

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