Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Opportunity I Took

On my last full day in New Zealand in April 2011, I was going to laze about.  I had been to Sydney, Australia, Aukland, NZ and was on the final leg of a 17 day solo photography jaunt, gearing up for the 20+ hour trip back to NY.  The last leg of my trip was 5 days at gorgeous Queenstown at the South of NZ.  I had toured around extensively and taken around 6,000 photos.  "Ready for a day of rest," I thought.  Someone at the hotel mentioned Arrowtown, a nearby( 2 busses) place for some great pix. I will be forever thankful that I put relaxation on hold and went to Arrowtown.  Crystal air, history, amazing vistas.  Architecture is eclectic, but even the smallest structures are beautifully set in landscape with gardens. Here is one small, enchanted house from that day.  Every opportunity is one to be taken and enjoyed!

Sepia/ Color Tinted Photograph

Art genre: Sepia/ color tinted architectural art photograph

Complimentary decor: British Colonial, American Colonial

Photography tip: Convert color photograph to sepia.  Slowly and sparingly add back color for an old fashioned tinted effect.

Location: Arrowtown, NZ