Friday, October 5, 2012

Detail Selection

I like to look at a building , photograph it and tweak the photograph to create an architectural art image in post production.  When either photographing the architecture or playing with the image in post production, I often find details that are more interesting to me than the entire structure.  The details become greater than the whole and I begin to zero in on one or two that intrigue me.  Here are two different railings.  The first two images show two details of the same wrought iron railing:

Wrought Iron Railing

Detail of Railing

The third railing photograph, which is at Rockefeller Center, was shot as a detail.  I really zeroed in on a specific segment of an Art Deco brass railing.  So engrossed in the shot was I that when a guard asked me what I was doing I jumped, almost dropping my camera.  I showed him the part of the railing I was photographing. I felt really great when the guard told me he had worked in Roc Center for 17 years and had never noticed the railing.  "It's beautiful.  A jewel," he said.  "You've taught me to look at my surroundings," he said.  Can it get better!

Rockefeller Center Brass Railing

Art genre:  Architectural detail photographs

Complimentary decor: Any

Photography tip: Narrow down to details.

Location: Top two photographs: Stockholm, Sweden.  Third photograph: Rockefeller Center, NYC